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Welcome our New Principal, James Brewer

Mr. Brwewr

Mr. Brewer was born in Jersey City and grew up in the Bergen-Lafayette section of the City.  He returns  to Jersey City to lead Dr. Lena Edwards School “to offer Jersey City students academic excellence”.

Mr. Brewer has served as the Principal of the Mozart Elementary school, a Kindergarten through Fifth Grade School, in Roslindale, MA.  He was appointed Principal of the Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School in August 2013.  He successfully completed the National Institute for School Leadership Program (NISL) in May 2012.  NISL is a research-based professional development program designed to provide principals with critical knowledge ​and skills they need to be instructional leaders and improve student achievement.  Principal Brewer is currently a doctoral candidate in the Education Leadership Program through Nova Southeastern University.​​

 Mr. Brewer has over 24 years of service in educational venues, including special education; 15 years of public outreach and networking initiatives; 15 years of public and motivational speaking; 10 years of managing administrative and budget activities as well as 6 years as a laity minister.​

Dr. Andrew Nyaboga, President of the Board of Trustees said “It is exciting to be able to attract a Principal of Mr. Brewer’s caliber as he relocates to the City of his birth”

What's New


Dr. Lena Edwards Academic Charter School is accepting applications for a waiting list
in the 2015 - 2016 Academic Year. The initial application period is March 9th - April 15th. During the initial application period a waiting list application must be submitted in person by an adult. Proof of residency is required. Application must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Application are available at 509 Bramhall Avenue, Jersey City. 

CLICK HERE for the waiting list application.


The mission of Dr. Lena Edwards Academic Charter School is to assure educational excellence and character development for all students in Grades K through 8, cultivating both learning and empathy. The school will provide a stable, rigorous, unbroken continuum of classical academic instruction and formal character education, resulting in the highest levels of student achievement, ethical behavior, and cultural literacy, and delivered within a productive, consistent, and supportive school environment.

The ethical foundation of Dr. Lena Edwards Academic Charter School is built upon the core values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Diligence, and Compassion.

The school's vision is to take students beyond the mastery of the New Jersey Common Core Content Standards by introducing specific academic content to the learning experience. This will be done in an ordered, age-and-grade-appropriate core sequence of subjects, issues, and ideas formed and structured to reflect cultural literacy – what all students educated in America should study and know. To complete and give perspective to this classical learning experience, direct teaching of core character values and behaviors, consistent with the standard of respect, ethics and responsibility, will also be provided, not as an adjunct, but as a full and equal partner to academic instruction for all students enrolled at Dr. Lena Edwards Academic Charter School.

Anti-Bullying Specialist and Anti-Bullying Coordinator:
Mr. James Brewer- jbrewer@drlenaedwardscharterschool.org
(201) 433-5300 ext. 151

Anti-Bullying Specialist and Anti-Bullying Specialist:

Jamal Nelson-jnelson@drlenaedwardscharterschool.org
(201) 433-5300 ext. 115

NJ Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying Policy- State of New Jersey